Sweet Salsa Classes in Lancashire

We hold our salsa classes in the Preston and Blackburn areas at a number of carefully selected venues.

Our classes are relaxed, informal affairs with the emphasis on learning salsa dancing in a fun and progressive way. Those that are new to Latin dance classes can take things at their own pace and there is no pressure to advance faster than the person is comfortable with. We would rather that you had a smile on your face than a frown.

Generally, we try to split the classes into two groups - one group is for beginners and the other is for those that have been dancing for some time, or improvers, as we call them. Anyone is welcome to the beginners class as we think it's good to have those with a little bit of experience helping the newcomers. Rest assured though that this class is concerned only with the basic steps and the main thing we are aiming for is for everyone to feel comfortable with what they are doing.

The improvers class is for those dancers that have gained a little bit of experience and are confident that they can do the basic steps. Men should know the basics of leading techniques and ladies should be able to follow the basic leads given by the men. This class is where you will be introduced to more intricate moves but although the moves look more advanced, they are mostly built around the basic footwork patterns. Generally speaking it will take maybe 6 to 8 weeks to advance into this class but there is no pressure for anyone to move up before they are ready themselves.

Our Salsa Classes

Price is £8.00 for the whole evening of dancing or take advantage of our special offer

After classes there is time to dance socially to practice what you have learned.

Extra Classes

From time to time we hold classes in other Latin based dances. Examples of these dances are Bachata, Cha Cha Cha, Merengue. These will take place prior to the main salsa classes and you will find details either on the website (in the panel above) or listen out for announcements in class.

Beginners Courses

We have also recently introduced a course of classes intended for absolute beginners where the emphasis is on learning from scratch where everyone is in the same boat. The pace of learning in these beginner courses will be especially geared to those taking their first steps on the dance floor. Over the six weeks we will help you build confidence in your dancing to the point where you will be able to dance with a partner to a 3 minute salsa track.

Look out for our Absolute Beginners Salsa Courses which will be held at regular intervals throughout this year.

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