Salsa Blackburn: Thursdays 8pm


Day of the Week: Thursday
Start Time: 8.00pm
Entry Price: £8.00

Join us for a night of FUN and FRIENDS

8.00pm to 8.45pm Beginner Class

What to expect in your first weeks with us:

  • Week 1 - Basic steps and partner hold
  • Week 2 - Leading and following
  • Week 3 - Partner dancing basics
  • Week 4 - Partner dancing, moving around
  • Week 5 - Adding some style
  • Week 6 - Putting it all together

9.15pm to 10.00pm - Choice of Improver Class or Intermediate Class

10.00pm to 11.00pm Time for Practice

A Sweet Salsa class close to the Blackburn area.

Two 45 minute sessions are held - The first is a choice of beginner or improver level.

After a short break we return with a choice of improver class or an intermediate class for more experienced dancers though new dancers are welcome to stay and watch.

Where there is a choice, classes run side-by-side so select whichever is suitable for you.

A chance to practice what you have learned follows the classes.

The price is for the evening, not per class. Look out for special offers that will be announced soon.

Do something now; your future self will thank you for it later.

My Missus