It's Party Time Again

salsa party wrist bands

Well, we thought it might not happen again but it's here..

Our first salsa party for 18 months. Surely a time to celebrate? Yes, is the answer but we should also be safe if we can and that can mean lots of different things for different people. Sweet Salsa have tried to come up with a safe environment that caters for all our dancers in as safe a way as possible. There will be a few measures in place at the Canberra Club this week. Some might seem unneccessary but most are not compulsory.

General Covid Rules - Don't come if you have any symptoms. A new cough, persistent headache, a high temperature or loss of taste or smell.

Hand Sanitiser - there will be alcohol hand gel available on all tables. We recommend that everyone cleans their hands regularly.

Contact Details - If we don't have yours already we are asking for contact details of all attendees. If someone later tests positive for Covid it is our intention to let everyone at the event know. We can only do this if we have the info. It's a pain but we think it's important.

Wrist bands - for those that are nervous about dancing with everyone we've got wrist bands of three different colours to signal your intention. Red for 'do not ask me', Orange for 'I might say no' and Green for 'bring it on'. They are completely voluntary. Please respect the wearers choice.

Take any additional precautions as you see fit and we hope we all have a safe and fantastic time.

Challenge yourself to take the first step and dance